Best Cholesterol Control Supplements Minus the Risks

There are many cholesterol control supplements in the market today. Some of them are constantly seen in television advertisements while others are advocated by celebrities themselves. Oftentimes, their commercials will give you an insight of how the body is infiltrated with cholesterol that harms the organs and muscles if not tempered down.

What they fail to mention are the important details describing the function of cholesterol in the body. Instead, they all focus on the impossibility of cholesterol being safely eliminated without using their product. Some of the supposedly best cholesterol control supplements will make you believe that their product has all that is needed by the body.

However, it is important to target just the bad cholesterol, while keeping the levels of good cholesterol in check.

Policosanol 20mg, an essential nutrient that is often seen in raw sugar and beeswax. This unharnessed nutrient helps decrease the bad cholesterol level in the body and increases the good cholesterol levels. Overall, it also lowers the total triglycerides in the body. Coupling it with lecithin oil that helps in the absorption of cholesterols in food, the levels of good cholesterol is maintained.

It also helps cleanse the liver and aids in the removal of fats from the bloodstream. Another important nutrient is seen in the pumpkin seed oil. Essential fatty acids are needed by the body to produce sufficient hormone levels.

Orange peel oil has D-limonene that contributes to the process of dissolving gallstones. Gallstones are deposits of cholesterol and removing such will gradually decrease the cholesterol levels. Most herbal plants that have a similar structure to cholesterols also have phytosterols. The cholesterol is absorbed in the gut and lowers blood cholesterol by up to 50%.


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