For those enrolled in the Medicare program, coverage alone may not be enough. This is why the Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Arizona, Supplemental Insurance or Medigap Program is used. If you are unsure if your Medicare program requires Medigap coverage, please read below.

What is Medicare?

Medicare is an eligibility program created by the federal government as a primary health care plan for seniors. To qualify for Medicare, you must be 65 years of age, have permanent disability, or have end-stage kidney disease. Medicare was created to help seniors pay for medical care. However, Medicare is not free. The beneficiary pays a monthly premium and part of the bill. The services they receive are either co-pay or deductible.

Medicare also doesn’t cover some of the services you need, such as nursing homes and home health care. To pay for services not covered by Medicare, most beneficiaries choose a private insurance plan called Medigap. What is the coverage gap?

Medicare Part A

In fact, you should be aware that there are some gaps in your Medicare coverage, depending on the Medicare program you’re enrolled in. Medicare Part A coverage is called hospital coverage because it covers inpatient and nursing hospitals. skilled Health at home and others and hospice

However, what Medicare currently does not cover includes:

Hospital allowance: This is the amount you must pay for your hospital stay before Medicare pays the remainder. Last year’s amount was 1000.00 or more.

Hospital Insurance Coverage: Medicare covers all hospital stays. minus the deductible for the first 60 days of hospitalization. However, if you still need to be hospitalized after 60 days, Medicare will no longer cover all costs. But it will charge you the daily insurance fee.

Hospital Services: 150 Once you’re hospitalized for Medicare, you’ll never pay again.

Skilled Nursing Homes: Medicare provides you with up to 20 days of coverage in a skilled nursing facility. And if you need more skilled nursing care You will be required to pay the daily insurance amount.

Skilled Nursing Services: Medicare won’t pay if you have to stay in a nursing home for more than 100 days.

Home Health Assistance Services: Medicare pays part of the cost of non-routine home health assistance services. but does not cover additional services

Home health aide or nursing services: Medicare does not cover home health assistance or home health care. Unless you need skilled nursing care.

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B was created as Medicare’s best supplementary plan, but eventually became a type of outpatient and preventive drug coverage. Types of Coverage Part B. Covers Durable Medical Devices equipment used by doctors, prosthetics, and ambulance services As in section A, here there is still a gap in coverage, but not much.

Deductible: Medicare Part B has a fixed annual deductible that must be met before Medicare covers all services. minimum cost But last year it was 135 and it increases on January 1 each year.

Part B coinsurance coverage: Medicare Part A covers 80% of Part B. It is not covered, but not entirely. And you have to pay 20% coinsurance.

Those who qualify and enroll in the Medicare program will need Medigap or Medicare Supplemental Insurance to cover expenses missed by Medicare Part A and Part B.

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